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Posted on: 22 May 2015

WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands: CYH Newsletter

28 April 2015


our call to action to health workers on and around

5 May 2015

It’s almost 5 May!

By simply clicking on this link

you can find everything you need to take action in

support of the 5 May 2015 call to action.

And then, a thank you message from Professor Didier Pittet:

Safe hands save lives, that is clear. The energy and commitment shown around the globe

in support of 5 May is incredible! This social movement shows that health workers all

over the world are committed to keeping patients safe every day with this simple, yet lifesaving,

action. Please keep going, please continue to promote hand hygiene at the point of

care as a key quality indicator of safe health-care systems. I thank you and look forward

to seeing more of your 5 May activities.

Tune in

to Professor Pittet’s Webber Teleclass on 5 May – register here.


the new WHO videos available on your websites and at your events to help raise

awareness. One promotes

#safeHANDS at the point of patient care and the other is

from Professor Didier Pittet.

Make sure your photo appears on our photo wall too!

Download your #safeHANDS

board here and

post it now.

Tell us

if you are arranging a hand sanitizing relay between now and September 2015.

Launching very soon

new educational posters on the WHO Five Moments for Hand

Hygiene, specifically in the context of peripheral and central venous lines, plus

statements from governments around the world in support of ongoing hand hygiene



your health-care facility up to the campaign if you haven’t already done so and tell

others to do this too

. Even in some African countries where there are many challenges,

new health-care facilities are signing up and demonstrating their amazing commitment

to hand hygiene every week! Thanks to the Infection Control Africa Network (ICAN) for

supporting this latest drive. The total number of health-care facilities now signed up is

17 522, across a total of 171 countries!

Thank you for your ongoing support. Keep checking our

web pages for more 5 May

2015 resources.

The WHO Clean Care is Safer Care Team

Past information on SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands can be found in




WHO Clean Care is Safer Care

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We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope that you will remain a valued reader of

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