The EBMT (UK) NAP Committee welcomes you. As part of the main EBMT group we exist to provide education and networking opportunities for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of stem cell transplant patients in the UK.

We meet once a year but have now developed this site to give opportunities to network outside of the meetings. Please take a moment to register so that you receive regular updates and information about our meetings. As more details become available on the forthcoming meeting you will be able to register through this site.
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‘Our’ Carole receives high honour from main EBMT

To celebrate 25 years of the EBMT Nurse Group the committee awarded for the first time ‘The distinguished merit award’. Carole Charley was presented with this awarded in recognition of outstanding contribution to the EBMT Nurses Group.

Farewell to Carole Charley, Helen Jessop and Joan Newman who have served on the EBMT (UK) NAP Group Committee since the group was formed in 1997. Unfortunately Joan could not be at the Reading meeting.