Over the last two decades, with the support of medical colleagues, BMT nursing has grown rapidly and has acknowledged the care needs of the patients, their families and donors.

Blood and marrow transplant (BMT) nursing is at a very exciting evolutionary stage. Advanced Practice Nurses have been taking a leading role in the care of patients, providing in holistic care; BMT nurses are involved in the decision-making process about treatment options for their patients, and they evidently contribute to an enhancement in their patients’ quality of life. More and more, BMT nurses are conducting research on topics based on clinical practice, and are formulating their own research agenda. Forums for exchanging knowledge and experience are increasingly needed.

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EBMT (UK) NAP is part of the wider EBMT group.
The EBMT Nurses Group started in January 1985 with encouragement and support from physicians working in the transplantation area. At present, a 3-day nursing conference is held in conjunction with the medical group, offering many concurrent abstracts and instructional sessions, as well as joint sessions with other disciplines involved in the care of the BMT patient. The annual conferences provide a forum for communication and discussion on a broad range of topics relevant to BMT-nursing. The conferences are giving nurses, doctors and others opportunities to share information about new developments in treatment modalities.

In March 2005 a Pre-Meeting Study Day was held prior to the main Congress, aimed at enabling those attending to develop their expertise in caring for patients undergoing transplantation. The Study Day was evaluated as being a great sucess and is now a regular feature of the Nurses Group Scientific Programme at EBMT Meetings.

Currently the Nurses Group has over 500 members, from 50 different countries throughout Europe and a few members in Australia, Asia and North America.

The main EBMT nurses group is open to all healthcare professionals involved in the care of stem cell transplant patients. Please click here to visit the main site and register for this European meeting. It is also important to know that any centre registered with main EBMT is entitled to send one nurse from the unit to the annual meeting free of charge.