The EBMT (UK) NAP Committee welcomes you. As part of the main EBMT group we exist to provide education and networking opportunities for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of stem cell transplant patients in the UK.

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EBMT Valencia 2016

32nd Meeting of the Nurses Group

It started with a pre-meeting Education Day on Sunday which was attended by more than 150 nurses. During the meeting various issues were presented including an overview of transplantation outcomes, management of hemorrhagic cystitis and a very interesting presentation about how to write an abstract.
The main conference was attended by 503 nurses (more than 300 non-members) from 46 countries. The programme focused on management of transplant complications and patients’ expectations.
The Key Note Speaker for the Opening Lecture was Arno Mark from The Netherlands who spoke about the “Evolution of the Transplant Nurse”.
There were new features in the Nurses Group Scientific Program including:

  • “How do I care for…?” session that focused on complications around AML, MM and Lymphoma and on CNS lymphoma, Extravasation and Cutaneous GvHD.
  • “How do I improve my patient’s experience?”

As in previous years, the program provided some focused sessions allowing attendees to widen their knowledge on paediatric care, understanding of blood tests, boundaries of care, eHealth apheresis, infections, pre-transplant issues, disease updates and complications. We also had sessions this year covering care of the caregiver, cell sources, issues in post transplant care and rehabilitation.
One session was dedicated to the collaborative project between EBMT/ MASCC (Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer)/ ISOO (International Society of Oral Oncology) and focused on the management of oral complication, oral GvHD and other late complications.
The multi-disciplinary joint session with physicians was about the role of palliative care in SCT.


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