EBMT UK Dietitians group

Welcome to EBMT UK Dietitians group which is a sub-group of EBMT UK Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Group (EBMT UK NAP).

We are the British Dietetic Association Haematology Committee members who have eagerly joined hands with the EBMT UK NAP to network, collaborate and support interprofessional learning to help enhance the dietetic care within Haematology services.

As a Dietetic sub-group, we are keen to bring together Haematology specialist dietitians working within Haematological blood cancers and non-malignant blood disorders. Our aim is to develop this specialist platform to support networking between haematology dietitians as well as Specialist Nurses, Allied health professionals working in Haematology and the wider team nationally. We welcome Dietitians working within Haematology all over the UK to join us, collaborate with the subgroup, share best practices and drive interprofessional education, research and excellence in haematology nutrition. The membership to join EBMT UK NAP is free and we wish Dietitians optimise this opportunity to network and benefit from this national collaborative platform.

Committee Role

Role of EBMT UK Dietetic sub group Lead

  1. To provide a network for dietitians working in Haematology through the EBMT UK NAP group.
  2. To establish direct collaboration and specialist communication between the EBMT UK NAP and British Dietetic Association Haematology Sub-committee.
  3. To contribute to EBMT UK NAP meetings and other relevant committee activities.
  4. To support the EBMT UK NAP educational meetings and conferences.
  5. To promote interprofessional learning and sharing best practices in nutrition support to help improve patient care and experience with haematological conditions.
  6. To facilitate research and audit amongst members of Dietetic sub-committee and influence national policy and guidance around nutrition in haematology.
  7. To establish wider connections within EBMT and address dietetic workforce disparities and support specialist learning needs of dietitians working within haematology.

Committee members

Jo Ingram, Specialist Dietitian Nottingham University Hospital Chair, BDA Haematology sub-committee
Abigail Dean, Specialist Dietitian, Greater Glasgow and Clyde Secretary and communication link, BDA Haematology Sub- committee
Victoria Mace, Specialist Dietitian St Bartholomews Hospital, Barts Health Secretary  and Communication Link, BDA Haematology sub-committee
Deepa Muthu Krishnan, Specialist Macmillan dietitian, University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire & Course Director for BSc Dietetics, Coventry University. EBMT UK NAP Link, BDA Haematology Sub-Committee
Natasha Jones, Specialist Dietitian Cambridge University Hospital Research Link, BDA Sub Committee
Nicola Scott, Specialist Haematology Dietitian, St. James University Hospital. Research Link, BDA Sub Committee
Katie Ahern, Specialist Dietitian, St. James Hospital, Ireland CART Link, BDA Sub Committee
Katherine Green, Specialist Dietitian, University of Southampton On leave currently



  • Established networks with EBMT UK NAP 2020
  • Contributed to EBMT UK NAP Annual Conference on Extinction of Neutropenic Dietetic Practices delivered by Deepa Muthu Krishnan 14th October 2022. Link to Presentation To be added here. (attached separately in Email ) does this need to be in PDF format?
  • Contributed to EBMT UK NAP Annual Activity Poster that was presented at EBMT Annual conference 2022, Paris. Link to Poster here. (do we have the final poster where dietitians can be signposted to? Angela may have this)
  • EBMT UK NAP educational grant funded Victoria Mace, Specialist Dietitian, Barts Health to showcase her poster, ‘Energy intake, level of nutrition support and symptoms following stem cell transplantation’ at the EBMT Annual conference 2022, Paris. Link to Poster here. (attached Separately in email)
  • Abigail Dean, Specialist Dietitian’s poster on ‘Efficacy of a multidisciplinary team approach to prehabilitation within haemopoietic stem cell transplant: a case study’ was showcased at the EBMT Annual Conference, 2022, Paris. Link to Poster here. ( attached in email).
  • Safer Eating Guidelines on Neutropenic diet Link to BDA click here

Other useful resources


Podcast On Nutritional Insights in Stem cell therapies by Nicola Scott Specialist Haematology Dietitian, St. James University Hospital for EBMT.

Link to Youtube video click here.

Link to Spotify podcast click here.


More to come
A day in the life of a Haematology Dietitian- Video
Natasha Jones and Nicola Scott from BDA Sub-committee are collaborating with Blood Cancer UK to update Blood Cancer and Eating well booklet.