The European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (United Kingdom) Nurses and Allied Profession Group

1. Establishment

The group is established and will be known as European Blood and Marrow Transplantation (United Kingdom) Nurses and Allied Professionals Group, will herein sometimes be referred to as EBMT (UK) NAP Group

2. Aims

EBMT (UK) will aim to improve the standards of care for patients undergoing stem cell transplantation
To achieve this group will:

  1. Facilitate and encourage multi- centre nursing research within the field of stem cell transplantation
  2. Enhance educational programmes for BMT nurses
  3. Facilitate discussion on practice issues and standards
  4. Encourage a multi-disciplinary approach nationally
  5. Provide facilities for networking on national level

3. Membership

  1. All nurses and health care professionals interested in blood and marrow transplantation can become members of the EBMT NG
  2. Membership fee is for the main EBMT NG which includes EBMT (UK) NAP
  3. Membership terms and fee is for one (1) year 1st January to 31st December valid from the registration
  4. EBMT membership allows for voting rights for EBMT (UK) activities
  5. All members are encouraged to vote at the Annual General meetings of the EBMT (UK) group

4. Term of Office

  1. Committee members will be appointed for a period of 2 years.
  2. Mandatory committee members and signatories include:
    1. Chairperson
    2. Vice chairperson
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
  3. Committee can and will invite other members to ensure continuity and expertise for specific projects
  4. One member of the board will remain in office for 4 years for continuity.
  5. Committee members are representative for UK (when possible only 2 committee members / region )
  6. The EBMT (UK) will elect from among its members a chairperson, a vice chairman, a treasurer and a secretary and any other members
  7. All committee members must be members of the main EBMT

5. Elections

  1. Elections for board members will be held every 2 years for two posts at a time.
  2. The resignation from posts will be granted providing 3 months notice is given.
  3. Elections will be organised and co-ordinated by the secretary

6. Annual general Meeting of the EBMT(UK)NAP

Annual General Meeting is held at the October Educational Meetings

7. Committee Meetings

  1. Committee will meet minimum of two times a year.
  2. Committee will organise one educational meetings a year open to all nurses and allied health professionals working within stem cell transplantation

8. Communication

The main method of communication is through the group’s website, In addition paper mailshots, emails and conference calls are used as appropriate.

9. Finance

  1. All money raised in the name of the EBMT (UK) group will be held in an account to managed by the elected Committee members
  2. All money raised in the name of the EBMT (UK) group will be held in a designated account for the group
  3. There will be four signatories to the account: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  4. Copies of a financial statement will be presented to the members at each General Meeting.

10. Address

The address for the EBMT (UK) NAP group will be the address for the secretarial support for the group.

11. Amendments

  1. Proposals to amend the Constitution will be made to the chairperson at least two calendar months before the next AGM and will have the support of at least 30% of the group. Details of the proposed amendment will be circulated with the agenda of the meeting.
  2. Amendments to the Constitution must be agreed by at least two-thirds of the members present

12. Dissolution

Dissolution of the Group must be agreed by a least 75% of the members of the EBMT (UK) NAP Group. On dissolution all funds held in the name of the Group will be donated to another organisation promoting stem cell transplantation care. This to be decided by a simple majority of those present at the final meeting
June 2010