The EBMT (UK) NAP Committee welcomes you. As part of the main EBMT group we exist to provide education and networking opportunities for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of stem cell transplant patients in the UK.

We meet once a year but have now developed this site to give opportunities to network outside of the meetings. Please take a moment to register so that you receive regular updates and information about our meetings. As more details become available on the forthcoming meeting you will be able to register through this site.
Please register for membership of the site as it will be great to start sharing ideas.


The EBMT(UK) NAP committee is delighted to offer a Travel Scholarship of £300 for nurses or allied health professionals to attend the EBMT Conference in Vienna, March 2010.

The application criteria is as follows:

1. Candidates must be currently working within the field of Haematology or Stem Cell Transplantation in the UK
2. Candidates must be a current member of EBMT Nurses Group
3. Candidates must submit a CV
4. Candidates must have been selected to present a poster or oral at main EBMT 2010
5. Candidates must submit a copy of the abstract to EBMT (UK) NAP Group by 31st January 2010 with a letter of approval from their manager
6. The scholarship fee of £300 is to be used for travel and/or accommodation only. A financial report and original receipts must be declared.

The successful candidate will be invited to present and feedback on their experience at the national EBMT (UK) NAP meeting in June 2010.

To submit applications or for further information, please contact committee members via www.localhost:8888/EBMT.