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Posted on: 24 Feb 2014

Dear Transplant Colleagues

I’m getting in touch to let you know about a few things we’ve developed which we hope will improve your patient’s experience of transplant. We’ve put together a few resources that we hope you and your patients will find useful. Please forward this message to your CNS team to help us reach as many patients and families as possible.

Our new website

Anthony Nolan has a new website with a new section dedicated to patients and their families. It has information about blood cancers and blood disorders, treatment information as well as practical guidance such as explaining the process of contact between patients and donors.

Our new Day Zero card

We are giving a card to every transplant patient on the day they receive their cells from an unrelated donor. The card will be included in the courier paperwork and we’d love your help in making sure that it makes its way to the patient.

The little guide for transplant patients
Watch our new animation and download our little guide. They both outline the process of searching, matching, and what happens before and during transplant in a simple, step-by-step way.

Let me know if you’d us to post you some of the leaflets. We think they’ll be great for patients who’ve just found out that they need a transplant and hope you’ll offer it as a resource to them at this point in the pathway. or call 020 7284 8229

Anthony Nolan Transplant Community

We’ve launched a new online community for patients before, during and after transplant. The community is a safe and friendly environment where patients can share experiences and offer support to one-another. Please let patients and their families know about it.

Patient and families Facebook page

We also have a brand new Facebook page – another space where patients can connect and receive updates on information and support from us or elsewhere.

*Coming soon*
A parent’s guide to the transplant journey

We enlisted the help of mums and dads to create a short booklet to help other parents who’re at the beginning of the transplant journey. It includes their tips on how to get from day zero to day 100 and beyond. Contact the team to Pre-order your copies.

Paediatric Day Zero card

Every child who receives a transplant will get this card on the day they receive their cells from an unrelated donor. The card celebrates day zero or their ‘second birthday’ and lets them know about Anthony Nolan, how we can help and the support we can offer. It was created on the recommendation of a team of paediatric CNSs.

Best Wishes


Chiara De Biase

Head of Patient Experience

Anthony Nolan

0207 284 8271